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We’re excited to announce that CodeStream V0.11.0 for VS Code is now available. This beta release includes all of our latest functionality including:

Discuss some code: To talk about a specific block of code, just select the code in your buffer and add a comment.

Add comments to ongoing discussions: Click on any post in the chat stream to add a comment. If the post included a code block, you’ll automatically be taken to the appropriate source file and scrolled to the code block.

Use your team’s new knowledge base: If you see a marker to the left of a block of code in your source file, that means the was a prior discussion about that code.

Integrate with Slack: Set up a Slack integration and all of your team’s messages on CodeStream will flow through to Slack. You can even reply to those messages right from Slack.

Integrate with Live Share: CodeStream extends Visual Studio Live Share functionality by creating a channel for each share session so that you can easily chat with the people you’re sharing with.

Download it today from the Visual Studio Marketplace.


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