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CodeStream 1.0 and Product Hunt

We’ve reached a very exciting milestone for a software team – Version 1.0! After a ton of bug fixes (and hopefully fewer new ones introduced), significant stability and performance improvements, and a ton of UI/UX work (as per your feedback…thank you!), CodeStream is ready for launch.

CodeStream for Atom is now available!

    David Hersh   Product Updates

Some of you may recall that the very first version of CodeStream was an Atom extension. As attention turned to other IDEs, Atom got left behind for a while, but we’re very excited to announce that Atom is back in the mix. CodeStream is once again available for Atom!

CodeStream v0.53 – New integration with Azure DevOps issue tracking

    David Hersh   Product Updates

Adding to the suite of supported issue-tracking services, CodeStream now integrates with Azure DevOps. Create issues in any of your DevOps projects right from within CodeStream!